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Welcome! I’m Kristi.

I’m your friendly neighbourhood witch.

I help new witches and magick-curious people connect with and learn about witchcraft so that they can safely develop a craft that suits them, without feeling like they’re lost, behind or know less than they should.

I know that…

You’re magick, a witch. You feel it. You just have no idea how to get started with the craft.  There’s a good chance that you’re still in the broom closet.  And you’re tired of falling down the Google rabbit-hole, night after night, only to find a bunch of mismatched info and terms you don’t even understand.

What you ACTUALLY want is to be able to explore this witchcraft thing on your own terms but with, like, some sort of guidance.  You want to learn and be part of a community, but also kinda maybe be able to figure this thing out on your own too, because… it’s personal.

You want to choose your own witchy adventure.


You know there’s something special about you and you’re dying to unleash it.


You’re sooo ready to discover your own unique path while being part of a community that actually gets you.


You’ve always dreamt of being able to harness the magick that you know you were born with.


You really want to learn how to MAKE things happen instead of always waiting for them to maybe happen.

I TOTALLY GET IT.  I felt exactly the same way.  I kept thinking that something BIG was supposed to happen.  Like my Fairy Godmother was supposed to arrive any minute but maybe she missed her flight or something. So many, many moons ago, I took charge, connected with my inner witch and created my own fucking magick.

You absolutely can, too.