1:1 Coaching

Ready to play by your own rules?

This 12 week, 1:1 is for online entrepreneur women who want to get clear on their message, create more leads and ditch all the shit that’s been holding them back.

Create consistency & clarity in your biz and bank account.

Let me guess…

You’re bloody tired of feeling stuck…
spinning your tires and getting absolutely nowhere.


NO Leads, NO Plan, NO Income.


You know that if only you could clearly communicate what you do and who you do it for, people would be lining up to work with you.

You struggle with finding the right people, in the right places. (I’m talking the ones who are actually LOOKING for that thing you’ve got.)

You’re tired of feeling like you just don’t know enough so you sign up for ANOTHER training/ webinar/ course.

You are so OVER being your own
best-kept secret!

You want to be able to offer your services with CONFIDENCE and finally turn your ingenuity into income, but you’re stuck – still trying to figure out how to get in the game AND play by your own rules.


You want the FREEDOM that comes with owning a biz that is absolutely killing it.

Hey, l’m Kristi and I swear I’m not keeping tabs on you.

It just seems like I’m in your head because I’ve legit been there.

I was so effing lost when I first started my business.

I went through FOUR (yep, four!) niches in just one year.

I had zero ACTUAL idea who my ideal client was.

When people DID sign up to work with me I was sure it was a fluke.

I was such a wreck and soooooo stuck.

I was lacking clarity and that caused a serious lack of confidence in my biz and the way that I talked about it.

So… I kinda stopped talking about it for a while.

I became an info hoarder, always trying to learn more so I could feel like I’d be enough when I finally found someone who would listen
​(don’t act like you haven’t been there).

The problem was…

I was trying to use EVERYONE else’s game plan to get MY results and it was making business come off as pretty damn confusing and a little bit weird.

You wanna know what I discovered?

I already knew enough.
My OWN way was good enough (better, even!)

Thankfully, I hit the reset button.

I broke everything down.

I used my own materials, my own voice and my own way of doing things to build the business that was true to ME.

I got crystal clear.

I said “no” to every guru’s “must do” marketing method that didn’t connect with how I wanted to run my business.

I broke all the rules and made my own.

I spend less time ON my biz and more time IN it.

Now, I get to work with my dream clients – the ones who want what I’ve got, show up and do the work.

And I 100% KNOW that if I can do it, you can do it too!

I’m nobody special (well, I AM but not when it comes to building a biz that you LOVE).

I’m just a girl who decided that one size does NOT fit all


You’re in the right place…

If you’re here, reading this right now, I’d be willing to bet that you…


Struggle to explain exactly what you do and who it’s for


Spend most of your day cold calling, posting on ALL of the social media and generally telling anybody who will listen about that thing you’re selling


Have sold your product here and there but just can’t seem to consistently replicate the process

You want to help more humans, bring in consistent leads and create a steady income and that’s COMPLETELY available to you… when you stop playing by everyone else’s rules and build a business that fits YOUR vision.

Freedom. Confidence. Money in the bank.

For the entrepreneur woman who’s ready to stop playing small and start making a difference.

Straight up, this one-on-one was designed to help you create the confidence you need to talk about your business, without feeling icky or salesy, so that you can finally start making some cash and enjoying that [insert dream life scenario here].

Look. I know you’re super-awesome-good at what you do and you deserve to have the business and life that reflects that without having to compromise who you areThat’s why I created this program.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the sessions I might use to take you from Stuck to Unstoppable
    Session 1

    Getting To Know You and Your Biz

    YOU are what makes your business tick.  

    • Why you do what you do so you can stay on track
    • Dive into your Personality type to create your own unique business plan
    • 90-Day Goal Setting using my signature goal setting system
    Session 2

    Money Mindset Makeover

    Get out of your own way and move past the sneaky mindset that’s been keeping you from creating the cash you desire in your biz.

    • Create a healthier relationship with money
    • Uncover your hidden money beliefs and what your ‘money ceiling’ is
    • Make room for more money
    Session 3

    Narrow Your Niche & Find Your Dream Client

    When you try to help everyone, you end up helping no one. Get crystal freaking clear on WHO you help and WHAT you help them with. 

    • Carve out your own special place in the business world & speak directly to your peeps
    • Discover where to find your ideal client
    Session 4

    Expertly Talk About Your Thing

    Confidently share what you do, with the right audience. Business level: Pro

    • Craft your perfect pitch 
    • Stop wasting your time with people who don’t need what you got
    • Position yourself as the expert in your field with just a few short sentences

    ONLY 2 Spaces Available Each Month!

    APPLY NOW to reserve your spot

    1 payment of $2497

    3 payments of $1000

    Don’t believe me? I’ve got proof…

    “Kristi is the bomb. She helped me understand parts of me I didn’t have a clue I needed to have handled while trying to grow my business. She holds you accountable and that helps create good habits you need to be successful. She’s tough and made me dig deeper than anyone has before to understand the basics so I  have the knowledge and abilities to become whatever I am dreaming of.  She made me appreciate me more and that’s important too.”

    Rachelle Sandy, essentiallyrachelle.com

    “As a Coach myself I understand the importance of having a Coach for accountability, perspective and brainstorming. I knew after months of not making any progress with my business that it was time to reach out and get the support I needed to focus my energy towards building the business of my dreams.

    Kristi provided all that and more! She knew when to call me on my crap, offered insight into
    business building from her direct experience and offered real world expertise in the areas I
    personally and professional needed guidance and support in. She adapted to meet me where I was at in any particular session and didn’t come with a one-size-fits-all program structure.

    I was able to set goals, meet them (or analyze and remove the roadblocks when I didn’t meet
    them) and to create real, tangible results for my business. Having a weekly call to create that
    accountability aspect was key for my progress in building clear, understandable messaging,
    booking workshops and ensuring the backend of my business was in order.”

    Karen Salamandick, leaningmindcoaching.com

    Kristi is an incredible coach! Since starting this process with her I am better able to step back, see the big picture, and get better clarity around decisions for both my business and my personal life. I typically over analyze details and get stuck in inaction, but Kristi has helped me focus and discover what I truly want and need. Because of her guidance and accountability I have been able to finally move forward.
    She is the perfect balance of skills, support, compassion and tough love.
    If you are ready to make a difference in your life, but need some help to do it, I highly recommend working with Kristi Rae!”

    Chrystal Lofton, 180healthandlife.com

    What’s included in the program?

    12 Weekly, sixty minute one-on-one sessions via Zoom


    Lifetime access to all recordings, notes and information


    FULL email and voice messaging support for the duration of our time together 


    Weekly worksheets, resources and exercises to keep you on track

       PLUS these super awesome bonuses   

    90 Minute Deep Dive – Coaching Call

    • 90 Minutes via Zoom to dig in and REALLY unstick your undlerlying stuckness
    • Discover the beliefs and stories that are stopping you from reaching your full potential
    • Uncover how to change the patterns that are getting in the way of your dreams
    • Take away a simple action step to help you show up POWERFULLY in your business and life
    • To be scheduled at your convenience, anytime during our 90 days together

    Better Business Blueprint – Course

    • DIY Course to map out your next 90-day, 6 month and 1 year goals using my signature system
    • Complete your custom blueprint to follow as a reference for what you should be doing and when
    • 1 Welcome video + 3 instructional videos to walk you through the process
    • Printable PDF workbook – create attainable goals again and again

    ONLY 2 Spaces Available Each Month!


    1 payment of $2497

    3 payments of $1000

    Questions? Look No further…
    Is this for me if I'm just getting started?

    YES! As long as you know what kind of business you want, this is the perfect place to start! 

    How much support do I get?

    In addition to our 60 minute 1:1 video calls, I offer FULL email support (Mon-Fri) and FULL messaging support via  Marco Polo (Mon-Fri). 

    Why do you only Take 2 Clients Per Month?

    Two reasons:
    1. It’s super important to me that I am able to show up and fully support you for our time together and that means setting boundaries so that I don’t get burnt out.
    2. I practice what I preach, baby.  That’s the business plan that suits me!

    Do you guarantee it will work for me?

    I guarantee that if you show up and do the work, you will see results in your business.  I will provide all of the strategy, support and straight talk you need to move your business forward.  YOU are 100% responsible for the results you get (but I know that you got this and will totally knock it out of the park!)

    Do you have a refund policy?

     I do not offer a refund policy on 1:1 coaching.  Sometimes, when we dig in, shit gets hard and I will not enable excuses to not do the work.  I will absolutely support you every step of the way and that starts right now, by taking away the option to run away.

    What if I don't know what my business is, yet? Will it still work?

    If you haven’t quite figured out what your business is going to be, I recommend doing so and THEN signing up for this program.  We’ll take that existing purpose and passion and  make it extremely clear so you can sell it to the right audience.


    You’re ready for this.

    You’ve waited long enough to have the business, the freedom, the life of your dreams. You’re ready to make it happen.  You’re ready to go all in.

    The question is, will you give yourself the permission to jump?  Will you trust yourself enough to get the support you need to finally let yourself succeed?


    ONLY 2 Spaces Available Each Month!


    1 payment of $2497

    3 payments of $1000

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