Sell More, Stress Less.

That’s my jam.

Hi there! I’m Kristi

and I’m here to help you stop settling for someone else’s version of success and finally create a thriving business that is all YOU.


Let’s keep it real…

I could tell you all about that time I got drunk and painted a 5-foot tall wizard on my dining room wall, or how I love puns, am fluent in sarcasm and that mannequins really freak me out.  But  that’s not what you’re really here for, is it?

You want to know what I can do for YOU, right?

You’re here because you’re effing amazing at what you do, but you’re feeling beat down and discouraged because NOBODY IS LISTENING.

You’re here because you KNOW that you’re meant to change people’s lives – you can SEE yourself on the other side – but you can’t quite figure out the exact process to get there.

So let me tell you what I know…

I know you. Legit.


You’ve already tried to go it alone.

You’ve also tried the courses and trainings, the freebies and videos

You’ve done everything “they” said you HAD to do to “OMG! Build a 6 figure biz overnight!”

You are sooo freaking ready to finally create the consistency in your bank account and biz that you’ve been dreaming of since you started this crazy adventure.

But you’re really starting to think that maybe it’s just not possible for you.

Maybe you aren’t good enough or maybe you don’t know enough.

You desperately want to prove to yourself that you can do this.  You want to KNOW that you ARE capable of making this happen.

And you’re worried that if you don’t start making some moolah pretty damn quickly, you’re going to have to swallow your pride and go back to the 9 to 5. Making someone else’s dream a reality instead of your own.


And that’s where I come in.

l’ve been through it…


I remember what it’s like to spend every waking moment trying to change myself and my business to meet the requirements of all of these ‘instant 6 figure’ gurus.

Which is why I decided to switch it up and do things a little outta the norm.

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. In fact, I like to say that it’s strictly for ponchos.

Think of me as your Fairy Godmother.

Except I don’t have a wand.  Or a cape…

I WILL call you out on your bullshit, though, and help you stop hiding from yourself so you can finally get shit done.

Also, I’m gonna insist that you be yourself, and consequently help you figure out who the hell that even is.

BUT my number one magic trick is…

Helping you create so much clarity and confidence in your biz that you can’t help but offer your services.

Because I know what you really want is to make some cash.

(I mean, I love what I do but I also need to pay the mortgage, no?  You don’t gotta pretend it’s just for fun with me, girl.)

Are you ready to create a killer biz YOUR way?

Oh, you actually wanna know more about me?

This wasn’t always my thing…

When I was five years old I started a rock painting business and tried to sell them to my friends and family…

JK. (Sort of – I DID do that. It was the 80’s… But that’s not what you wanna hear about.)

You wanna hear about how I struggled for a really long time to find my place in this crazy world.  I figured there’s only so much you can do with a little bit of knowledge in a lot of subjects and this amazingly quick wit that I’ve been blessed with.

I spent most of my twenties and half of my thirties working in the restaraunt + bar scene.  Just like anything, I started with ZERO knowledge, but luckily for me, I’ve always been a quick learner.

Over the years, I worked my way to the top of the ladder, finally landing the manager position that I had been coveting.

Turns out, it didn’t flip that switch I had been hoping for.  I thought I might finally feel fulfilled but it was the complete opposite.  I felt like I handed landed my leg in a bear trap with NO way out.

It wasn’t long before I left the company and ventured out to get certified as a Health Coach. (Be PATIENT, Karen.  I’ll connect the dots in a sec.)

I also got certified as a life coach, transformational coach and mastery coach. AND I was still struggling – changing my niche FOUR times in less than a year! I was THIS close to giving up. But…

All that flip flopping actually did me a favour!  Turns out, I’m really good at articulating niche and message and ideal clients and creative marketing ideas. Whodda thought?

NOW, I help other women do the same!  My mission is to make sure that they give themselves the BEST opportunity to get their biz out into the world BEFORE they throw in the towel and we all lose out on their amazing-ness.

Now, I feel fulfilled, get to do what I love, work from home and build whatever the hell my brain can imagine in this life.  Wanna know a secret…?

You totally can too.

Take my awesome quiz and get your Free PDF that tells you all about YOUR biz!

Desperately looking for the clarity you need to sell your thing? Are you finally ready to talk about your biz with confidence? Wanna know what makes you and your biz tick? Hell yeah! Pop in your info and let me tell you all about... YOU!

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