Wowsers!  It’s been a quick minute since I gave you part 3 of this series and for that, I apologize.

I absolutely can’t apologize for WHY it’s taken so long to write part 3.  I have been toiling away over my amazing new quiz (Reveal Your Secret ‘Friends’ Alter Ego to Confidently Create More Clients in Your Biz!)

​That’s right, I made you guys a quiz that tells you which Friends character you are and then I send you a free 11 page PDF that outlines your strengths, business tips and more, specific to you. I am IN LOVE with it!

SO, I’m back now and I’m here to tell you all about the third step in our RECEDE marketing system.

We know how many people we need to REACH and we know how we are going to EDUCATE them. Now we want to CONVERT them into clients.

This is where the rubber hits the road.  You have diligently provided the education and value that your target market is desperate for and now, they want to take it a step further. Woo-hoo!

How do we help them do that?

We use a funnel. (Not like in the kitchen!)

We set up a sales funnel that starts them with something small – a freebie/opt-in gift (aka, we bribe them a little bit with a super valuable gift in exchange for their email address because nobody hands out their email all willy-nilly anymore… that shit’s like currency!)

Now that they’re on your email list, we send them through something called a nurture sequence which is a series of emails that shows them WHY they want to a)keep getting emails from you and b) potentially work with you.

My sequence is seven emails long and provides lots of info and bonuses, including a free strategy call with me. This call is the next opportunity to engage with potential clients.  I can find out what they actually want and whether it would be a good fit for BOTH of us, if we worked together. If it’s a good fit, I make an invitation to work with me.

If they don’t take me up on the free call, they are still on my email list and I can CONSISTENTLY send out value-packed emails and offers that will benefit them.  This creates a warm market where they’re getting to know, like and trust me so when I offer them something that speaks to them, they’re ready to jump in.

That’s so much nicer than me shoving my stuff down their throat and them hating me for it.

Do you have a funnel or conversion system in place?  

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