Ready to create OFF THE HOOK offers?

The LIVE course for entrepreneur women looking for the support to get clear on + create offers that people actually buy.

Stop the struggle. Create offers with ease.

Tell me if I’m right…

You don’t know what to offer to your clients, let alone when to offer it.  You think you’ve got it until you put it all on paper and then, it always seems to fall flat.

You’ve spent hours trying to piece together perfect programs and packages, only to launch to crickets.

You’re questioning the value of your content and, occassionally, yourself.

You are so damn ready to make it simple.  To have a repeatable process that you can use to create and price your stuff so that people actually get it and cannot wait to give you their money.

And, you’re ready to charge what you know your offer is worth.

Hey, l’m Kristi.

This is what I do.


Because, HOLY SHIT, I’ve been there!

I was creating offers left, right and center – wildly throwing them out there, desperately hoping that someone would see the value and pull out their credit card.

Because how can you help people if they aren’t buying your stuff?

I was starting to feel beat down, like I wasn’t good enough and also like I was pricing my programs and products too high. 

Like maybe I was being too *gasp* greedy.

The truth is, it wasn’t about greed or asking for too much money.

People will pay good money for anything, when they see the value.

It hurts a little to say but I was not being clear on the value of my offerings.

And then it hit me… I was trying to offer people what I thought they needed not what they actually wanted so of course the value wasn’t clear…

…no one will buy something they don’t want, regardless of how badly they might need it. #truth

And so, I stepped off the struggle-bus.


I realized that instead of constantly pumping out a new program or offer, I needed to get really clear on what the value of my current offers were.  I needed to make sure that my audience fully realized what I had and what they would get out of it, instead of just throwing something new at them every day/week.  And NOW…?

  • I have a repeatable system that I use for all offers #helloeasybutton
  • I’m not scared to ask for the sale because I know the value of what I’m offering
  • I have more time to spend doing the things that light me TF up.


You absolutely need this in your life…

You’re totally ready for this if you:


Want a simple, repeatable process for creating and pricing offers that feel good AND sell


You’ve been creating so many different offers for so many different people and STILL not making any sales


Don’t know what to offer on a consistent basis and have no clue what to charge for your programs or products

You KNOW that you need to get your offers out there in a way that makes sense to your audience and gets them to buy.

It is 100% possible for you to streamline the process, create with ease and authenticity and as a result, make more moolah!

Off The Hook Offers

A repeatable process to create crystal freaking clear offers, at prices people will actually pay. This is for the entrepreneur woman who’s ready to build the business she’s been talking about FOREVA.

This course was straight up designed to help you hit the damn easy button and get your stuff OUT THERE so that you can finally spend your time doing the shit you actually LOVE.

You’re fucking amazing at what you do. You deserve to create a business that reflects that and it starts right here, with your offers.

Here’s how we’ll take you from struggle to success

    Module 1

    The Client Journey

    Mapping out the path that your ideal client needs to take will help you create offers that keep them out of overwhelm and always leave room for them to invest in the next level.

    Understand your client journey      – from start to finish

    Learn what your clients actually WANT

    Create offers so that clients will purchase from you repeatedly

    Module 2

    The Problem

    Keep it simple, Strugglers! Focusing on one problem will help you stay in your lane AND make it easier for your client to digest the information being offered.

    Define ONE problem that you can help solve

    Less overwhelm = better reviews and increased sales!

    Use YOUR zone of genius and leave imposter syndrome behind

    Module 3

    The Offer

    Understanding EXACTLY what you offer is key to getting those sales.  Your client wants to know what results they’re going to get, NOT what process you’re going to use to get it.

    Create offers that people are excited to buy!

    Exude confidence + clarity when talking about your offers

    Learn a repeatable system that you can use to create ANY offer



    Module 4

    The Price

    Choosing the right price for your offer is super important.  Especially if you don’t feel confident when it comes time to share it.  Know the value of your product + BELIEVE in it!

    Discover a simple system to price your offers

    Understand perceived value vs actual value

    Stop undervaluing your work and ask for what you know it’s worth


    Doors close on July 17th at midnight (MST)

    1 payment

    of $197


    2 weekly

    payments of $111

    What’s included in the program?

    4 weekly modules with accompanying FB LIVES


    Printable PDF worksheets


    Private Facebook community that I will check in with daily PLUS two live Q + A sessions


    Lifetime access to all materials

       FAST ACTION BONUS! The first 5 people in will receive: 

    40 Minute 1:1 Call

    • 40 Minute 1:1 Zoom Video Chat
    • Ask any Q’s about your offers
    • Personalized feedback to help you get clarity
    • Scheduled by YOU when YOU’RE ready
    • Valid for 30 days after purchase of course


    Doors close on July 17th at midnight (MST)

    1 payment

    of $197


    2 weekly

    payments of $111

    Get some A’s to your Q’s
    Is this for me if I don't have a niche,yet?

    You’ll get much more out of this course if you already have your niche in place.  Keep an eye out for my Messaging Magic Bootcamp to help you out with this!

    How much support do I get with Off The Hook Offers?

    You’ll receive four weekly modules PLUS you’ll have lifetime access to a private Facebook community where you can ask any and all questions.  I’ll also be going live in the group TWICE for Q+A!

    Will you be offering this course again?

    Short answer: YES!

    Long Answer: The price WILL be going up!

    What if it doesn’t work for me?

    I guarantee that, if you do the work, you WILL be able to start creating offers and pricing them with confidence!

    Do you have a refund policy?

    I offer a 30 day refund policy for short courses like this one, IF you provide proof that you have completed the work and not gotten results.


    You’ve got this…

    It’s time for you to stop hiding and get your offers out there in a very clear, very big way.  You need to do it now.  Because the sooner you start defining what you do for your audience, the sooner your audience will become your clients. You owe this to yourself and your biz. 


    Doors close on July 17 at midnight (MST)

    1 payment

    of $197


    2 weekly

    payments of $111

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