Project #2


Give an explanation of what you did for this project. Don’t forget to tell them WHY they should care! Focus on the BENEFIT that the client got from working with you. What were they struggling with? What did you do to solve the problem for them? How did this make their life/biz SO MUCH BETTER?!

Add some more project details here:

Think about what your ideal clients want to know before working with you. Go back through questions they usually ask and try to give them as many details about the project as possible.

It’s always a good idea to go even deeper into the clients’ situation – paint a vivid picture of where they were before (what were they struggling with? why did they seek you out?). Then dive into the after and share some good stuff the client from the project.

 Here are some ideas you could include:

  • The process you used
  • Options they chose
  • The location
  • How long it took
  • The final cost


Give them a short and sweet little bio that includes a punch of your personality and voice!

Remember, most of the people that will read this are from a completely COLD audience – meaning they probably stumbled across a blog post from Google or Pinterest.

Intrigue them. Show them who you REALLY are and what you REALLY care about so they want to learn more about you!

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