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What happens in the café,

stays in the café.

This is it, witches – the community you’ve been waiting for!

A space for new witches and magick-curious folk to come together to learn the basics and connect with others WITHOUT all the bullshit.

Dive in.  You’re already one of us.

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Here’s what I know…

You’re interested in learning more about witchcraft but have no clue where to start.

You wish all the info out there wasn’t so damn confusing. You want to start your practice but you’re spending all of your time falling down the Google rabbit hole, just trying to figure out what the last thing you read actually means.



 You’ve always been a bit of a black sheep and it’s fucking hard to find places to fit in or where you feel accepted.

You’re ready to create more magick in your life!


Your new witchy best friends are waiting!

Hey, I’m Kristi.  And I totally get it.



I knew I was a witch when I was 13 years old, but I never called myself that (out loud).

I used to sneak out at night, not to party, but to talk to the moon.

I was constantly drawn to crystals and tarot.

The thing is, I never really had a way to actually learn more about the craft.

And I definitely didn’t have a community or anybody that I could talk to about it.

The internet wasn’t really a thing back then.

And it really didn’t help that I grew up in a small town that wasn’t exactly forward thinking when it came to young teenage girls who wanted to learn about witchcraft.

That being said, I did things my way but never really felt confident in calling myself a witch.

Fast forward a few years…

I had access to more info online, and witchy communities were a thing now, but I still felt soooo overwhelmed and behind in my knowledge compared to where everyone else was at.

Hearing other witches talk about things that were way beyond my scope or skill made me feel like I wasn’t in the right place. 

These people knew so much more and were way more confident in their practices than me.  Was I even really a witch? I felt like an imposter. 

I hit the books (or the internet… same same) and started devouring every bit of information I could find about basic witchcraft.

It was a process trying to get the information I wanted without falling down the internet rabbit hole – getting sidetracked and comparing my journey to others.

The thing is, I still didn’t feel like I had the community that I was craving. 

A judgement free space where we could show up as ourselves and learn from one another…

So I created one.

You need this in your life…

This is definitely for you if you:


Struggle to connect with people who are into the same witchy things you are


Find the information available to you overwheming or confusing – like it’s not meant for witches who are just starting out.


Are looking for focused content with access to exclusive bonuses, courses, trainings, spells, tarot spreads, guest experts and more!

Even if you’re a solitary witch, you don’t want to be going it alone.  You still need a community – a safe space to fully be yourself and share your wonderfully witchy, and maybe even “weird”, side.

You’re meant to stand in your power.  Your purpose might even be in your practice, like mine is.  This is the key to unlock and finally connect with it.

The Crafty Café 


Stop the solo struggle! Even the most introverted introvert still needs a safe space to create connection, ask questions and learn.

The Crafty Café was built for exactly that!  The only rules here are to connect, have fun and learn more about witchcraft. 

This is the perfect community for you if you’re looking for a place where you’re an instant VIW (Very Important Witch)! A place where everybody knows your name, no matter how much distance there is between us – and you don’t even have to leave your couch!

Curious how it works?
Here’s a quick run down…

The Good

The Café

This is NOT another Facebook group.

A completely private activity feed and member chat means no more scrolling through all the extra bullshit until you find something interesting.

It’s ALL interesting in here!

Every month has a witchy theme and you get automatic access to the library for all previous months – easy to find and broken down by TOPIC!

You’ll also very often find exclusive member perks and bonuses as my way of saying thanks for being part of the community! 

The Rad

The Community

Our community is like no other!  A witchy little family, if you will.

Join us for our monthly coffee chat, where we talk about all things witchy (and some things not).

Know that you belong no matter what!

Have a question about your practice?  Looking for some advice or new resources to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do but have been too scared to try?

Look no further because the community has you covered!  Meet your new BFFs!

The Witchy 

The Craft

Every witch has to start somewhere – The Crafty Café is the perfect place!

Accelerate your practice with exclusive monthly content – created and curated specifically for you!

You’ll find tutorials, spells, recipes, Tarot spreads, Grimoire pages and everything in between!

Each month brings new tools and information so you can take your witchy ways to the next level.

You’ll also get instant access to The Witchy Book Club, where we can read, chat, and learn as a group!


Say it with me, now… 


Exclusive tutorials, grimoire pages, recipes, spells, tarot spreads and more 


Instant accesss to your very own digital Book of Shadows template and Magickal Correspondences cheat sheet.


Monthly community coffee chats via Zoom to help you actually get to know the people in the community


A private online group setting to connect, ask questions and learn from each other


Access to The Witchy Book Club, our monthly book club to really help you dive deeper into the month’s theme!

Frequently Asked Q’s
Is this for me if I'm not a beginner?

ABSOLUTELY!  The community alone is worth the price of admission, in my opinion.  But, if you aren’t big on people-ing, that’s totally understandable!  The content is varied so there is something available for everyone!

How much support will I receive in The Crafty Café?

As much as you desire!  I check in daily to answer questions and post content but I also encourage you to reach out to your fellow members, if you find you have questions, need support, advice, feel like sharing something etc.  There is an entire community looking to connect with YOU!  Let them!

Will this be open again later?

Short answer – yes!  Long answer – I am not entirely sure when, yet.  I promise, if you don’t join us this time around, I will absolutely let you know when it reopens!

Do you have a refund policy?

Given the structure of the way the content is released and the amount you have access to, right from the start, I do not offer a refund policy.  You are entirely free to cancel at anytime, though.

I can't join this time, do you have a waiting list?

Call me crazy but I DO NOT have a waiting list.  I know, I know, but I really don’t want to have anything to do with your inbox (no offense).  Time spent writing emails and maintaining a mailing list is time that I could be creating a new tutorial or spell for members!  If you’d like a simple way to keep track of when The Crafty Café reopens, I will definitely post it in our free Mighty Network, which you can find here:

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, I sure do!  If you sign up for annual enrollment, you’ll receive 12 months for the price of 10!  That’s 2 free months!  You can switch from monthly to annual membership at any time!


And not having to do it all alone.

Doors close in: