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Your one stop shop to discover the very basics of witchcraft so you can confidently start crafting your practice, without the overwhelm, in just 7 days!

Practicing makes perfect!


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Here’s what I know…

You’re a beginner.  You have no clue how to start unraveling the neverending thread of magickal info that’s available out there. You don’t even want to call yourself a “witch”, yet, because you think you don’t know enough.

You don’t have the time or patience to spend all day and night researching where to begin when it comes to your practice so you keep thinking you’ll get started “one day”.

You’re stuck in overwhelm, daydreaming about all of the magick you could be creating in your life, once you learn more about the craft.

 Hey, l’m Kristi.

And I totally understand.


I knew I was a witch when I was 13 years old, but I never called myself that (out loud).

I used to sneak out at night, not to party, but to talk to the moon.

I was constantly drawn to crystals and tarot.

The thing is, I never really had a way to actually learn more about the craft.

The internet wasn’t really a thing back then.

And it definitely didn’t help that I grew up in a small town that wasn’t exactly forward thinking when it came to young teenage girls who wanted to learn about witchcraft.

That being said, I did things my way but never really felt confident in calling myself a witch.

Fast forward a few years…

I had access to more info online, and witchy communities were a thing now, but I still felt soooo overwhelmed and behind in my knowledge.

Hearing other witches talk about lunar phases and correspondences made me feel like I wasn’t in the right place. 

These people knew so much more and were way more confident in their practices than me.  Was I even really a witch? I felt like an imposter. 

I hit the books (or the internet… same same) and started devouring every bit of information I could find about basic witchcraft.

It was a process trying to get the information I wanted without falling down the internet rabbit hole – getting sidetracked and comparing my journey to others.

But, in the long run, figuring out the basics gave me the confidence I needed in my practice to finally claim my truth…


I am a witch.

I want you to have the confidence to claim it, too!

Without all of the struggle.

You need this in your life…

This is definitely for you if you:


Feel like everybody else knows more than you do when it comes to witchcraft.


Are tired of trying to figure out what you should learn next.


Are looking for a supportive community with others on the same journey as you

You’re tired of always saying you’ll start some day.  You want to be able to hold your own in a conversation with others like you.  You’re ready to dive in and start your practice now, without staying up all night reading blog after blog – just to learn the basics!

It’s 100% possible for you to increase your confidence in your craft right now. And the best part is, it’s possible for you to do it in only a week! 

Witch in a Week


Stop obsessing about what you don’t know and learn the basics right now.

This course is designed to increase your confidence as a beginner witch and help you align with YOUR witchy path, without anybody pushing THEIR agenda on you.

This is exactly what you need to kickstart your practice without overcomplicating it. A self study course that you can start to implement RIGHT NOW, and go at your own pace. 

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the lessons we cover in Witch in a Week
    Lesson 1

    Types of Witches

    YOU get to decide what type of witch you want to be. We’re talking about:  

    • 11 Examples of types of witches
    • The difference between Pagans, Wiccans and Witches
    • The ins and outs of Solitary witchcraft or practicing with a Coven.
    Lesson 2

    Types of Magick

    You also get to decide what kind of magick you want to practice!  We’ll discuss:

    • 5 Different types of magick
    • What Witchcraft really is
    • One word word we want to avoid, in the witch community
    Lesson 3

    Grimoire VS Book of Shadows

    Keeping a record of your magickal workings is an important part of your craft! We’re discussing:

    • What a Grimoire is
    • What a Book of Shadows is
    • How to start using either, or both
    Lesson 4

    The Moon and Seasons of the Witch

    Two very important aspects of the craft that can help you harness more energy in your practice!  You’ll learn:

    • The eight lunar phases of The Moon
    • The eight Seasons of the Witch
    • How to use both to create more magick in your life!


    This course includes:

    8 video lessons, short and to the point


    Printable PDF workbook with activities for each lesson


    Private group to discuss and ask any questions


    BONUS! Two new spells for beginners – one  to increase self confidence and one to manifest more money!

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